A Throne Prop?

Sorta like that, you know, a throne. im wondering because i found a colliseum map, but in order to make my comic i need a throne and a giant monster.

giant monster check!
throne prop [ ] damn it hirchberg!

not that i know. BUT, the medevil folder in the TF2 browser folder should have various items for the setting (note that they are cartoony in a tf2 style)

Soul Caliber pack,
Check that.

Hey, check this too. A throne requires a king and a crown. . .

Crown 3d model in .max , .3ds format – 1MB


if anyone convert this into gmod. . .

He’s already got one.


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And he’s more of an Emperor.

Uh, my bad. But I just wanted someone to convert the crown and insert into gmod. . .

Make a thread then.

i support i wan’t a throne for shao khan D: