A tired American soldier stares 2000 yards ahead for the next patrol.


C&C Please.

Looking good, good posing. He could use some hair, though. Would’ve added to the picture, and made it near-perfect.

SI System, motherfucker. Use it.

I like the cut on him and the tally on the rifle. The splatter is okay too.

However, the lack of wound makes it look odd. Did you shade under the helmet? The shadow is a little too harsh - there isn’t enough transition between light and dark so it looks quite like his head is being sucked into a black hole under there. A hi-res reskin of that rifle wouldn’t go amiss either. Generally, the picture is also kinda dull.

Nice lighting though and, overall, a good picture.

Edit: Oh. He isn’t getting shot according to the title. Well it kinda looks like he is getting shot. If that splatter is just on his uniform, then it really needs to be darker and have shading that matches the character.

The faceposing is great.

The picture is good.

Well, I lightened the shadow a little bit, I want it to be kept dark since people might start nitpicking at ears for clipping through the helmet.

Got an original?

Nice DoF

Nice pose

Feel free to stuff up your editings here, original’s up in the Edit Thread.


That is absolutely beautiful. I think I will use it as a background.

I’m going ot need to find a good rain edit tutorial sooner or later. :confused:


Hope that helps.

I did a rain tutorial a while ago (I used the same technique for my edit), but now that search is disabled, I can’t find it :saddowns:

Why did they disable the search function?
Makes no sense.

Apparently it “slows down the servers”