A toast to life, a toast to those with us back then...


Russian soldiers outside Grozny take advantage of a lull in the fighting and relax against a T-90, while an Su-25 passes overhead on its way home from a strike mission.

I’m aware of the grass clipping issues, I noticed it too late to do anything about it.

It’s pretty good, but the shadows seem overly strong. Plus the two silly looking russians on the tank.

They were weaker before but then they didn’t look right either :argh:

The shadows could’ve done with that shadow within a shadow kind of thing you get with a flickering light source such as an open fire, other then that I love it. Posing is top notch.

Nice done.
You should put soft smoke from fire.

I love the fog and the grain. The frogfoot looks great.

I like the harshness of the shadows because of the fire… but you overdid it. They’re pretty much 100% black. It’s a bit excessive.

The posing is superb and dynamic. I could make a joke about the homoeroticism but I know from experience (my own and that of others) that it is easy to get caught out looking like this, especially if the two people in question are especially close as long-time friends, sportsmen or, in this case (and as the most extreme example), soldiers.

The fire looks really pasted on.

Overall, lovely work as usual.

Fire was pasted on, good spot :v:

Yes, I gathered, but people paste stuff on their pictures a lot without it looking pasted on.

:v: cute

Inconsistencies on the shadows they’re all going one direction.

I changed the fire’s location at the last minute and forgot to change the shadows on its right side :doh:

What’cha thinking about.

War and stuff.

Kidding aside, I quite like it.

Looks nice.

I think the SU-25 could have a little more motion blur though. It has pretty much the same amount of blur as the rest of the objects in the background, so it kind of gives off the impression that it’s just hanging there by a string.

But anyway, I just want to say that I think Rossmum is one of the few members of this forum here that does the whole military scene justice by not devolving into the typical copy-and-paste spec-ops/terrorist shoot-out garbage that so many people seem to think is the flag-ship for modern warfare.


Ross just got mad props.