A toaster

I just realized, we don’t have any toaster props!

I can’t find any from Fallout, which I would have though one of the dozens of prop packs had.
I found 1 toaster on garrysmod.org, but once I downloaded the file all that was in it were about 5 folders and a text document…so no dice.

I was hoping someone could make me a toaster prop, or better yet, just move one over from Fallout?


I think Left 4 dead 2 or 1 has a toaster prop. There should be L4D prop packs on gmod.org.

Wasn’t there also a toaster model in Portal as well? I could’ve sworn there was one in that game too.

You know what they say: all toasters toast bread!

Yeah but I don’t own any of those games…

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I got that props pack and the toaster came out with purple and black squares. ( I believe that means missing texture)

I ported the Fallout one, I’ll upload it for you tomorrow when I can

Ah, thank you so much man!