a tool to make models player models

i have a few really cool models that i want as player models, and im sure other people do to

some kind of tool to turn models into player models would be really cool (probably need some thing so you can select what animations the model does)

edit- i meant humanish ragdols

edit- t if the model has no skeleton you have the option of giving it a skeleton

I agree 9000 times.


I agree with this with my entire heart,
however I don’t think this would be possible. Would it?

Not really possible. They have to have the same animations as the player.

but couldnt there be an option to just throw in rebel animations?

Models don’t work that way.

Happy now?

Durrr! If you model manipulate a model to be your playermodel and it has no playermodel animations, it will stand in a T-pose and not work. You need to edit rig the models to support playermodel animations, in a 3d editing program, which cost money and need some experience to be used properly.

Keep in mind that ragdolls are turned into fully animated playermodels by using an animated skeleton.

Indeed you could get a ragdoll file and stick it to the skeleton, if you can find it that is.
EDIT: The skeleton, not the ragdoll.