A tool to view the 3d models,animations,skeletons,vfx,textures

Hi everyone

I am requesting a help from all of you.I want a 3d tool to view the models,animations,skeletons,vfx,textures from some of moba games.I have the games.Will or if anyone will help me regarding this matter.I just want a 3d tool to view the above mentioned stuff.I will provide sample files if anyone will help me regarding this matter.

with regards.

Please don’t disagree.if no one could help me then please reply.

Try noesis , just google it and download newest version.

But noesis dosen’t supports files from LoL,Hon and Dota2

Dota 2 utilizes .mdl files, you’ll be hard pressed to find any modeling software that supports exporting .mdls, however I just so happen to have a tool that allows you to look at .mdl and possibly animations. It’s called crafty and you’ll find that and other useful tools here.


As for LoL and Hon you’re on your own I don’t know their model formats.

Dota2 hasn’t used a single instance of the mdl format for little under two years now.