A Tormented Path And His Advice


C&C and that stuff. The only editing (Except for bars and text) was a warming photofilter and some curve editing.

I have absolutely no clue what’s going on, but it looks nice.

Some where sad, thus the twisted, some where happy

Those are ordinary, english statements.

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Image was changed to fix spelling mistakes.

Just because it’s a word doesn’t mean you can toss them around like you want and think they’re in context.

Bus cycled, thus he forwards, but crashed.

I’m sure what Zerax said makes sense, but I’m not paying enough attention right now.
It looks good, and it’s nice to see Zeno Clash models in use.

I like how you burn me for anything I do.


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Changed the image, fixed the writing in it thanks to Haxxer, as he gave actuall help on it instead of complaining about it.


well then start doing this i oppose and start pleasing me orally

i mean that in talking, not sucking penis you dirty minded saps.

As you can see, I fixed the writing errors.

i noticed. i like the image bro

Why thank you, broski.

Meet up sometime this week?

We’ll see. :smiley:

It’s about time, I need my daily dose of your glorious chin.

so when are you too finally gonna do it eh?

Soon enough, friend, soon enough.

aren’t you jewish

how would rabbi weinstein like it if he heard you talking about fornicating?

I heard he was into fondling people’s crumpets…

i’m jewish by descent, not by practice

logic like that would state Rabbi Weinstein would be very upset about me becoming an ordained reverend and a nihilist.

Was your capacity of capitalizing a letter at the beginning of a sentence hidden inside the cut-off part of your penis?