A torn down HECU squad seeking shelter in a hospital.

Yes the I know there’s enough blood to feed 100 people. And you can go ahead and say “that’s not realistic.” Well I don’t find zombies realistic, and anything zombie related needs blood and gore by my standards.
Besides you’d be suprised how much a person can bleed.



Rick you did it again…

This is awesome

I like the pose and idea, but the lighting is really flat, and the grunt’s fatigues are also completely flat. I can’t spot a single wrinkle or ruffle in their clothing, looks like the camo is just painted onto plastic.




Here comes the nitpicking:
-Vending machine looks to be at a strange angle
-Ragdolls look more dumped than posed
-Depth of field looks odd. Seem to be 3 points
-Grunts look too clean/skins look badly focused. Texture look fuzzy, especially 2 that have just entered.
-SHould have done a series. Instead of packing everything in one shot, you could have decided them into scenes (The zombie at bars, the soldiers storming in etc.)

But, I have to say, the blood actually looks really good. I mean, positioning and everything. The non-corpse poses look okay, but I can’t see the guns or hands because of those uniforms.

Looks forward to more!

Nice work Rick, sure, i’m no fan of the blood but the posing, angle and execution is great!

Good job!

It was Raining Blood…


I didn’t make the models nor the skin. And the reason why I used the urban camo was to sort of get the HECU feel from HL1.


  • I don’t quite see your point about the vending machine.
  • Yeah now that you said that they do look a bit dumped, but what I was trying to do with the soldiers(at least) was basically them just standing and the zombies swarm them, so they like fall flat with their arms extended, seen it too many times in movies I guess.
  • I’ll look into not doing that the next time.
  • Again what I said above.
    -I was thinking of doing series actually, I kind of forgot why I didnt though.

Thanks for the nitpicking, that’s what I like to read.

Not the best time to be wearing camouflage with white on it. :v:


why are the dead guys wearing gas masks but the leader dude isn’t?

maybe the masks have asbestos in them and that’s how everyone died

Dead people can’t have gasmasks?

Gasmasks won’t save your ass when getting ripped to ribbons by zombies. :v:

Gasmasks are proven by science to be a hallmark of Special Forces.

Not enough blood. :v:

Nice pic.


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