A totally scrub in need of help.

I just bought Garry’s mod yesterday. I have no idea what is going on. I tried joining some multiplayer maps, however, there were “Errors” everywhere and a mixture of black and purple walls that make my eyes hurt.

I do not know how to download things from the toybox either…

If you’d be able to, please list things that I should know/download for the optimal experience of Garry’s mod.

Links with information about Garry’s mod are also greatly appreciated(I’ve checked out the wiki, but I’m still confused) …

thanks in advance!


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Also, I meant to but “A total scrub” in the title. oh well.

This is extremely important, and probably the cause of all the errors you’ve seen.

As for the purple/black, you have missing textures, probably from a game you don’t have.

Those black and purple texures are called texture errors. They appear if u r missing a texture or textures that a map requires. Usually it is caused if u dont have the content the map requires such as css, hl2, l4d, or tf2 content. To fix it, simply buy the game.

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Also, if you bought just one source game to go with gmod, this still wont completly cut it. If you want more functionallity with the game, buy more game to go with it. Good luck :slight_smile: