A Towerlight solder about to get ambushed by ISF Forces (Espionage Wars-based pose)

I thought I would do this pose for the guys at the EW Thread V2 since its such an awesome Thread in itself. I apologise if I had to ask for permission to use the models, But I was unsure if I should try or not.

All Effects are done ingame.

Note: Originally when I first tried to pose this, I ended up crashing, so on the 2nd try I changed the Towerlight soldier from a military soldier with M16 to a guard with a AUG. I feel the 2nd version was less great compared to the 1st.

C&C is accepted, hope you enjoyed.

The only deaf soldier in TowerLight gets killed. :frowning: What a shame.

Doesn’t this belong in the Espionage Wars thread, not here?

not really worth a thread

Is he doing what I think he’s doing?