A Train gamemode idea

I dont know about you, but I love trains in gmod. I even built a couple of steam trains to go along with it. But what we really need for a server or 2 is a Train GM idea. Is where coal and water and fuel apply. Certain trains can be spawned or created yourself. Its basically MSTS (Microsoft train simulator) but with physics. You actually can pick up people in these big passenger cars and attach a few seats to them for people to sit.

Maybe someone will create a few maps fit for this gamemode. Hopefully someone will increase the smoke amount that is produced by thrusters and what not for this GM. But then on some servers for realistic experience you just have to use the axis and ball socket tools to recreate the drive lines on steam trains to the wheels and adding a force weld so when you crash, the engine will explode like a garry’s bomb 3 bomb and pieces go everywhere.

And thats just my idea.