A Transparent Self Illuminated Texture?

How would I go about making a texture transparent and self illuminating? All I can think of is using $additive, which makes the texture look stupid. Any help?

$additive is the only way to accomplish this within the Source Engine.
Keep in mind it is the only translucency shader that supports $selfillum as well, and you’ll need to enable that in order for your texture to actually glow in the dark.

You can use a detail texture as a glowmap.

	"$detail" "models/haxxer/Alya/alya_breather_emis"
   	"$detailscale" "1"
   	"$detailblendfactor" "1.25"
   	"$detailblendmode" "5"

I heard that there is possibility to use the multi - coloured masks in some non - Valve SOURCE game. Vindictus or something like that. Hope that Valve will implement something like that in near future… When EP3 comes out…

$selfillummask <texture> anyone?
have the diffuse’s alpha channel set the transparency then use that paramater to set the selfillum.

I never tried but it should work

Those masks are something else entirely. They vertex colour masks - something similar is used in L4d as well.