A tribute to every frag vids out there

Ah… Requiem of a dream. And crawling. Don’t we all love theese two overused tracks?
i made this tribute to one of them!
Featuring the twitch weaponry addon by Devenger, Enjoy.

I’d like to think that your AK has a small speaker and MP3 player built-in that belts out CRAWWWWLING IN MAH SKIN every time you fire it. Although something from Sick Puppies or one of Linkin Park’s newer songs would’ve been more relevant.

That poor Combine soldier, he was just standing around and relaxing when you came out of nowhere and shot the unlucky bastard in the back of the head. He probably was just looking for his lost dog or something.

Peronally i dont like Frag movies.
BUT ! This one had some kind of “story” so all in all it was pretty good :smiley:

Was good, but your editing was horrible. Especially with the “Crawling in my Skin” and “Words that will not heal” bit.

I hate overused music this really is a good reproduction of noob videos

Apparently you didn’t get the video, i see.

That was the point. He was making fun at the chiches of Frag videos.

I especially loved the bit where he ran right up to the guy before shooting him.
(something I’m guilty of doing myself…cough)

I remember in 05 or was it 06, I made frag movies.
I would go by the same screen name, but I never posted them here.
Alot of the time it was a 5 second clip of something getting killed.
before it I had a picture of a vending machine, I called the videos vending machine production.
Before youtube was born, so they were on putitfile, glad they died there with it.