A Trio of Gangstas Swagger down the Street.

Don’t bicth about the arm, I saved the game, loaded it up to fix it, and all 3 of the gangsta ragdoll were gone. BUT I DID TRY!


I guess someone could edit and put somthing stupid like “Gangstas 4 lyfe” or “Gee-Unit”, up to y’all.
Oh and cue Cheesy for saying I’m Texan and can’t help it.

:foxnews:Also! I have not dropped the magless weapon stuff! The G43 is 95% done, should be released tomorrow. More at 11:00:foxnews:

lmao. this is pretty good.

It’s sad because it’s true


I lol’d.


Oh but you’re racist because you’re Texan.


Actually I suppose I do drop the n-bomb quite a lot in our conversations…

Your mum. See, I said “mum” cuz your a brit. You don’t ever deserve a capitol B, my Ass deserves a capitol letter more than your nationality.

Because it is YOU that is the dirty racist brit. You just try to call me racist as a form of deflection and denile that you are a nat-ur-al good 'ol racist boy. At least that what we Texans would call you.

I just think it’s fun to mess with ya!

gangster hobos! Oh shi


Didnt iI tell you to fix that arm, and the crouching. And don’t blame your gmod, if it crashes you just do the damn pose again. From scratch, like a pro.

But these screens are funny, keep em coming.

All i can say is chavs you may not understand but google it

Hah, the one with the phones’ face is priceless

Do I spy a war going to happen/happening with Chesty and wystan? In later News, I’m a Canadian so I have nothing to worry about =D

Negritude summed up in a single picture.

Not the most challenging endeavor, but well executed nevertheless.


No. Something is wrong with imageshack.

nigger means stupid person/adjective for stupid, it’s pretty much just an all around improper noun that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t want it to

also who says this is racist? whoever says this is racist is racist themselves.

i love this

Um… I think you’re looking into this a little too much.