A Turret I Made

Just a cool turret I made. Note:

  • This not a fully automatic turret.
  • This has some coolness to it, it’s got a targeting system.
  1. i think it looks… tacky and like it took all of 5mins to build

  2. the features are also spoilt by when the fact you auto aim it spangles out

also it seems that big barrel is for nothing as u just stuck a turret on the end you could have put it like inside so its invisible

Okay, a decent concept. Now improve it.

Its bad.


Looks aren’t everything you dicks. I suck at the visual aspect. I made the structure barebones because:

  1. If I tried to make it look cool, chances are it will only spaz
  2. I’m probably getting help on the Wiremod forums as to fixing the jerkyspazzy part of the autoaim.
  3. If it functions decently, it deserves some form of praise. This functions decently (apart from the previously mentioned spazzing)
  4. I like simplicity.

That’s pretty horrible.

  1. Parent it.
  2. Applyforce?
  3. ???
  4. Profit!
  1. Don’t want to find a parenting tool.
  2. Bingo.
  3. ???
  4. TOTALLY!!!1

Easy Perc…

Look lava, the thing is a lot of ppl have better turrets on vehicles that look awesome and are actually the contraption they are posting.


It’s not cool.

I’m disappointed that it can’t aim up and down. What’s the who point of a turret if it cannot fully track a target?

fail gun= fail.

Proof that you only posted this “turret” for praise, not constructive criticism. Just look up the fucking Multiparent tool. It takes like 1 minute and saved a fuckton of lag. The turret itself is low-grade basic wire. I am not good at wire at all and I could reproduce it. To be honest, you need to work harder on your things, and come here for constructive criticism, not fucking praise. If you come here for praise, you better Step up your game.

autoturrets are for nubs anyways

do not want, bad product


Also, make this instead.

Nice Haddock! Nice.

This thread deserves a hijack.

Cool hijack Mac.