A tutorial on AI nodes?

Hey I was wondering if there is anywhere I could get a nice tutorial on AI nodes. I’m not asking for a combine assault scene I just want to be able to have NPC wars and they know when to take cover and how to navigate. If there is no tutorial can someone just explain it to me? Should I put down one of the ground and be done with it? Should I put one in ever single corner? Where on that corner?

put them where you think npc’s should be going

This pretty much sums it up. AI nodes aren’t tricky at all.

So take gm construct for example. In the building with the semi open roof, would I just put an Info_node in the middle of the room and the NPCs would know to take cover behind the walls if getting shot at from outside? Or do I put a few in the corners and places to take cover? I’m sorry but I pretty much have failed at everything I have ever tried to do. That is why I have been mapping for 3 years and first maps are sometimes better than mine.

Yeah, that’s pretty well it. Put lots in paths and such where it could be tricky for npcs to navigate (Model spam, debris, etc) and put a few where it’s easy for them to walk around.

There’s a little more to AI-prepping a map than what’s been said in this thread.

Props need to be masked with NPC CLIP brushes in order to tell NPCs how to navigate around them and some info_node routes need to be fine-tuned for complex obstacles like stairs. You can see how your routes are connected via the ai_show_connect command while in-game.

There’s something about cover nodes in the valve wiki too. You can read a lot of stuff there.

I think he’s just looking for the basic, but if you want to get complex just go arouse your brain here.


Works great for cover nodes.

On the subject of ai, does anyone have some good methods for getting npcs to move to a location? I’m working on a map that involves an antlion swarm moving towards a location… but I’m having trouble getting them to do anything after they spawn.

ai_assault perhaps?

ai_assault only works with individual npcs, not npcs spawned from an npc_maker which is what I’m using.

I’ve tried using the enemyfinder approach but I’m either doing it wrong or it doesn’t work with antlions.

ai_goal_assault do you guys mean?

On the Npc_Maker set the name of the children to ‘combine’ then on ai_goal_assault set the actors to effect to ‘combine’.

ai_goal_assault works fine with combine made from npc_makers. Do what Firegod said and make sure to use multiple rally points.

Eh, just re-read it, with antlions it should still be the same, just use multiple rally points, one for each NPC that spawns. You don’t necessarily need an assault point for each NPC but you can do that if you want.

ai_goal_assault didn’t seem to work. Tried the npc_enemyfinder method after looking it up - works like a dream. Thanks for the help anyways though.

Does that Hint_node work as a normal node as well? As in, do npcs navigate by it as well as do what it says?



Please snip your post, or better yet, post the solution.


It’s just a pain when people post problems that you share and they find the answer and don’t share it.