A Tutorial

Alright, hear me out. I’ve been playing the game since legacy and I understand that a large part of the game’s charm is in lack of guidance. New players discover tools/weapons or game mechanics is a large part of the game.

But there’s nothing stopping Rust from having a very barebones tutorial, explaining the essential basics of getting started. I tried introducing my friends to the game, and it just failed horribly as I couldn’t even wrap my head around everything they’d need to know to avoid getting frustrated and quitting.

The tutorial should cover early game items (cloth, sleeping bag, spear, bandages, fire, hatchet, pickaxe, map, blueprint frags), food&calories system, water, rad zones, loot, building (locks, doors, cupboards, foundations), and how to mine (that’s always a tricky one). It should be an in-game walkthrough, where the player is made to do things in order to learn.

It could even be simply a modded map with signs explaining what to do, like ‘hit this tree with your rock to gather wood’ or ‘this is hemp, gather it to get enough cloth and craft a sleeping pag’ and a sign which is a screenshot of the inventory UI showing how to find the sleeping bag in there.


My initial reaction is; people just ask, and 20 people on the server tells them how to do something.

But then reality hits, and I am forced to ask, “How many people are too embarrassed to ask, and just stop playing, thinking it was only $10 they wasted.”

Maybe the Dev’s put tutorial fragment in their inventory that when clicked on, gives them the bare bones instructions.

I don’t believe this learning curve on this game is as flatline as the Devs seem to want to believe. I have over 200 hours in the game and I’m still learning things that have been there since before I started playing.

There are heaps of worth watching Youtube Rust tutorial vids.

Unsure of the procedure of linking vids in this forum, so please edit my post mods if not cool.

This is probably one of the better, easy to understand and funny vids to watch on the basics of Rust.

Maybe use this as a tool to help explain the game to your friends!


Retention is highest when performing tasks in game, not watching someone else do so. Also alt-tabbing and looking for/watching a video as you’re playing is a bit of a pain.

Ehhhh, maybe after the game goes into beta, there’s far more important things that need to be added or fixed.

I honestly thought playing in a dead community server with barely anyone but one friend learning to play the game by figuring everything out ourselves was some of the most fun and memorable moments of this game.

Well, from my experience, ~1200 hours, I have learnt things about Rust both in game and from videos. Alt-Tabbing has never been an issue for me while playing a game.

+1 to what Hahapingazzz said also.

To each their own, it was just a suggestion on one way in how to prep a friend for Rust.


I would say if you play Rust in its simplest form, you will suck and not enjoy it.

Exploiting the nuances of the game is what keeps you ahead of the bumbling nakeds. Mostly because there is a lot of stuff in the game that is a distraction or not worth the effort.

Rust is about managing your time and work, and its easiest to learn while working with someone who knows how to do it.

I certainly hope you are using “exploiting” in the general sense. There is a vast difference between using intentional/advanced game design and exploiting.

I knew someone would twist this to mean hacks.

Well, then you know that “exploit” in the gaming world is a head turner. :slight_smile:

man… if you are naked in a fully armored server, is garanted you will die easy. but you can make a waterpipe shotgun to fight agains this kind of shit. sneak arround to find targets and boommm get better loot to start your path to become a badass rust player

If you quantify importance in how much fun the experienced players are having - yea, sure. But a big challenge for a game like Rust (hardcore, survival, rough) is attracting and keeping new players.

A tutorial/introduction certainly won’t be something that the devs ace at their first attempt (they never ace anything the first time :D), it will take some time to make it work well. And the more it is postponed, the more players will try the game out and end up being disappointed & never coming back. Sure, the game is early access, but notice how this has to be constantly reminded to people.

There is no tutorial in survival either you live or Die

YouTube videos save lives.

people get soo excited about something. just jump into it, even when don’t seen how that thing really is… damm. When get some tutorial, the thinks are really easy and bored, everyone are maxed to easy… here have research for tips and tricks, the need of found a better way to do it and that… this feelling is amazing

I don’t know what kind of tutorial you need it’s a pretty straightforward game.

Game starts, you spawn. a little avatar of Garry sitting there telling you to pick up your rock and bashed tree tutorial ends