A type of weapon that makes NPCs ignore you, as if you're hidden?

I can’t see this being too complicated, it’s probably already out there somewhere. I was wondering if there was a SWEP that when pressing, say, right click, would make NPCs ignore you as if you were invisible. I can’t be this being too complicated considering there’s an “ignore players” button for NPCs. I was wanting this more for a stealthy kill scenario.

Just bind a button to the ignore player command. :rolleyes: Nub.

won’t work in multiplayer, nub

troll moar plz.
I was thinking more along the lines of having the secondary fire to a weapon make you “invisible”, simply applying an invisible material to your player model, and then turning on ignore players. If nothing comes through, I’ll try to make it I guess.

Well, you could make a table of all the npc names, if you goto garrysmod.org and search Dead Ringer, that has a nice table and code you can work out for yourself ^^ Good luck.