a ULTOR Combine (soldier only) replacment.

my friend wants a combine soldier replacement for gmod. A counter strike re-skin, and replaced combine soldier NPCS.

The picture of the replacement is here:

Can somebody please make this?

So you want a combine soldier replacement that looks like the ct_gsg9 model?
I could get started with the skin.

Wait wait wait… that does not look like ULTOR at all.

Aren’t they supposed to look like this?

He wants the Saints Row 2 Ultor, not Red Faction

Sorry, never played Saints Row.

Red Faction, made by Volition
Saints Row, made by Volition

That’s why they are allowed to use Ultor two different games

Kinda reminds me how I saw a Terran Marine in Warcraft III

This sounds like a good idea, so I’ll bump this for more screens of the dude.