A Understudy Abuses His New Powers. [Shiiiiiiiiiit!!!]

Comment on this one, required work… lol.

I quite like the outcome, not so much the bubble… but eh. It was a lot of work, to say the least even though it don’t look like it.


** Originals! **
Un-edited First Shot
Airal view of that original

Hope you enjoyed, comments, anything welcome!

Tell me if there is anything to improve!

I love it!

Thanks Hakita.

Haha, awesome and original A+

Oh stop it your making me blush.

Haha, the hair is great.

:v: Iunno how hair would look in a human improvised telepathic explosion… soooo I just fucked it up lol.

You made ME blush saying that you loved this picture. :3:


How the bloody hell do you do that hair? I’ve been trying to figure out the method to that…

Great pic, btw.

I smudged it.

Anyone got a place to host pictures? I’ve been looking for some… and… yeah. Hasn’t worked out. :<


What do you mean? The current one is working perfectly.

I mean, a site to host multiple images, that will stay there.

Imageshack works fine if you register.
Even tough alot of people seem to hate it.

I`m just putting it on Deviantart for now, lol.

Photobucket works great.

Were you perhaps following… this?

Yeah :v:

It was kinda hard to follow, so I started to do my own thing ._.

Ah! So the bubble is around him?


Now… Not to just randomly come in, in the conversation…
Good job on everything :smiley:

Nice hair edit.


Nice tutorial you found there

Tutorials are cool to follow o.o.