A unique MilitaryRP map

So a friend of mine owned a MRP community and wanted to build a map from scratch, to not just have a edit like everyone else. So that’s what he did. He built a map from scratch (but of course using some models from other maps like the radio antena, mosque and such), wich later on developed into what I think is one of the greatest MRP maps. I first came into the picture after he made the map. Together we came up with ideas on how to improve the map for both performance and gameplay. Our goal was to make it unique, which we succeeded with and the players loved it! One issue with the map is the size, it’s too small in my opinion. It would need to be expanded for the best gameplay possible, but the project is dead for us. So we are releasing it to you guys! We’ve already uploaded it to the workshop and in half a month gotten over 3k subscribers which I think is pretty decent.

Ethier way here is the map and I hopy you enjoy it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864428756

Oh and I don’t really think the pictures on the workshop makes it justice, I really suggest you to download it and try it out! And please tell me your opinions in the thread!