A Unsuccessful Successful Raid

I had been playing with a small group of guys on a slowly dying server. One now neglected by even its admin but we still hang around since we were so successful in killing off bandits and building what we have in the beginning when the server was netting 50+ people a day. As buildings deteriorate around me from long lost friends, I have one faithful companion still by my side. Today, we decided to pay the new French guys on the beach a visit. For about a week now, they have toiled and plundered to build a six story (and still growing) structure. The moment came when only one of them was left online to guard. Door after door, we busted our way in until we didn’t have any C4 left. Every chamber unveiled hastily grabbed loot with gaps between items as the owner must have been retreating with every C4 blast and grabbing whatever he determined was valuable.

He kept typing in chat that “4 of my buddies are coming! Better stop!” We laughed and began to try and devise a new plan since we ran out of C4. My friend had a brilliant idea and we went outside and built a tower to the top of his base. There, only one door blocked us. My friend said he was going to run back and make more C4 but before he could, the idiot owner popped upon the door for me! He didn’t even get off a single shot before I put him down. With the door now open, we busted in, broke down another door and got a little more loot.

To make a long story short, we raided each bedroom, destroyed the sleeping bags, took all their stuff, and then proceeded to “foreclose” on the property. (We built two layers of walls around it and walled in every entrance.)

So why was this raid unsuccessful? All told, we returned with a research kit, bolt action rifle, 9mm pistol, tons of paper, some resources (1,000+ wood, 500+ ore), and 100 chicken. This was after spending 8 C4, 3 grenades, 50 rounds of 5.56, 300 wood planks, and 1,600 wood.

At least we forced them to move!

General Pyrrhus is proud of you.

I bet he is! And thanks for making a historian smile.

Haha. At least you knew the base was active. Poor guy though. I don’t think he was so much an idiot as he was trying to defend his things. You did knock down a lot of doors to get to him. He probably thought you were going to get more / use more c4 to get in.

What annoys me is they never even fired one shot to defend and they did have guns. It almost wasn’t even a challenge. One of them was just shooting arrows into a wood pile in the dark thinking that was us.

Did you ever think that maybe random raiding like this is the reason why good servers die? It happened to my server as well, a group of 5 or 6 people i know got together and built a huge base over the course of a week, one person didn’t pillar their outside walls properly and we got raided after that so everyone kinda quit one at a time because they didn’t want to invest that time again.

I understand that PVP and Raiding are a heavy influence and key point to the game and i agree with them 100% i just don’t understand why people act sad or disappointed in the community that servers are dying when all that happens to the new or small groups is they get rolled because the bigger groups don’t wanna raid bases their own size.

My first clue that it was gonna be an unsuccessful raid was when they wouldn’t even defend their stuff! If i have C4, power, explosives etc etc etc you better think twice because im gonna defend the hell out of it until i can’t anymore!

This. I just want to emphasize your post taint. I hate it when people complain that a server pop died yet they were the main cause of it.

Stop raiding empty bases people. Go for ones that are obviously populated. You’ll get more fights that way.

In my defense, I have NEVER raided anyone before this incident. I only raided them because they built their base so close to mine. I should have prefaced my story with that but I neglected too.

They were eating up my local resources and we had a VERY uneasy truce where they would aim at me from their guard tower while I mined. Considering my friends and I have been there long before, it was our right to remove them when we felt they were getting too strong.

That is not to say I disagree with you good sir, in fact, I agree that raiding is part of the reason. Though I think the largest factor in dying server populations is the murder of helpless nakeds and the destruction of petty shacks with sleepers. On larger servers, you spend 90% of your time in the beginning just trying to find one quiet area to mine without being harassed.

You will all be happy to know that they counter-raided me that night while I slept. They must have spent hours build a massive siege tower outside my base and then using pick axes to knock down walls into empty rooms and halls. In the end, they escaped with about 500 gunpowder, 100+ cloth, some medkits, odds and ends, and everything easily replaceable. The real damage was having to clean up the siege tower so I just incorporated it into my base and I now have 2 watch towers which have been reinforced to prevent a repeat episode of last night.

If there are no bandits, a server just dies of inactivity.
If there are too many, or rather too large of a group, the server dies because they steamroll everyone.

You want the game to have the right mix of challenge, which is frankly impossible in a game like Rust simply because you can’t regulate player actions or group sizes.

For example, you walled off their base unnecessarily. They probably ragequit after that point because you griefed their house.

Unnecessarily? They were a stones throw from me and my friends. If we let them continue to grow we would have just faced them raiding us for gear. Also, if 4 guys can’t fend off 2, they have bigger issues than rage quitting.