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New York

Wassup guys! We are a new community clan looking to bring in new members. We currently have about 5 members and about 25 active players on our server. We’re looking for more people interested in building and having events on our server.

Feel free to join and hang out, and if your interested in joining say so here!

Hope to see you guys in our server.
Thank you!

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Bunk! Great stable server

Awesomely stable server! friendly people and helpful admins! cant recommend it enough!

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bump :slight_smile:

Fun server, made it home.

Awesome admins. Helping everyone out.

Would recommend

Daily Bump!

Happy New Year ALL

Come and join us!

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20+ atm

Come make it 30


amazing server

This server is amazing!

This server is by far the best Rust server. It has a great community, eveyone is so nice to noobs and most people are always willing to help! If I were you, I would join the community now!

Guys! thanks so much for the awesome words!
Hope we have more people come this way

atm were 27/50 people. Keep on coming fellas.
Were almost there.

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Night bampp

bump! come join the pvp fun

Actually had to ban someone. For spamming. Accusing the admins of abuse. The logs don’t lie. I tried explaining to him but he just didnt want to listen. There are logs that can prove there was no abuse. He was cursing off people in the server and the admins. We don’t put up with that nonsense. It sucks to do it. But in our defense he wouldn’t stop being immature.

Server status


Come on in!

The dude was talking about Adminsabusing their powers, he yelled godmode. He was mainly direct towards two admins named [A]Reaktion and [A]dblock? it seemed pretty fishy, he was so fucking pissed off as well. But the admins acted immaturely and kept using the word ‘‘kid’’ and saying he was rather getting wrecked,if the admins were mature to the slightlest bit, the guy who was pissed as fuck would’ve worked with them and tried to resolve the issue, but they clearly didn’t.

So both sides were at fault. So if you want a place of immaturity and players calling their admins using abusive powers, this is the server for you. Just my 2 cents as I was laughing at the chat log lmao.

EDIT: Black Hippy was the guy’s name yelling at them lol

your an idiot the admins where being completly fair i have been on this server since it started and have killed both admins more then i can count not once did they ever abuse their admin power please people do not listen to the idiot above me this is a great server very friedly admins great fun pvp. these guys are just made because they got killed by the admins everytime they tried to attack them

I’m just stating what I saw, and I stand by it. It sucks what happened, but if the guy who was yelling at saying those stuff being true about abusing their powers, then fuck ill believe him. But the way the admins handled the situation was childish. Recommend people don’t join this server unless you want 5 year old Admins.

they where not childish in anyway you bad mouthing the server from what some idiot who kept getting killed was yelling screaming about… if your going to believe some kid over what the entire server says then dont bother joining … we dont want anymore idiots who are going to flood the chat with their ignorance and im sure the admins and everyone else will agree with me

The way your handling this is childish. We have a huge battle infront of our base. We have weapons. We have been on OUR server since we bought it. If you want to assume and bad talk us go ahead.
We stated that we were not abusing and we were not. Pretty pathatic that you come in here and try to make us look bad.

We tried to work it out with the person but he kept calling us names and was rude to everyone on the server.
We enforce our server, and we dont need people like that accusing and cursing everyone off. If you think thats unfair that we keep our server in order then i’m sorry.

Ask anyone else in the server at that time, he was acting like a fool.
After 10 mins of arguing with him and explaining no body abused anything. I lost respect for him and booted him.

Welcome to the real life sir. We are not young admins. We do not treat our players like crap. And we DONT ABUSE. Don’t come in here bad mouthing us. You’r the one acting immature.

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It’s really a shame that people do these types of things. We won’t let this hurt us.

We had a great day yesterday. Sat at 30/50 for over 10 hours.

Looking for more people to come make it your home!

Hopefully see you in our server!

#1 on community tab!

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Server is up and running come make it home guys.
We got great community base in there ready to help everyone.