A USMC tank firing its cannon deep in a jungle


My entry into the Badass Competition:


Also a rainy version for those who have a thing about monsoon season:


Made on gm_flatgrass_2008.

Un-cropped versions:

C&C please and thanks for viewing,


They better close that “entrance” or else someone will nade 'em.

Haha, I didnt even notice that the filename was crysistank when I posted “Crysis-quality”.

Yay, war-theme go!

The first one is awesome!

right-side cutoff makes for poor composition and detracts from the overall quality of the image

Noice job mate. The only thing I would’ve suggested you adding is if you added some trees being rolled over.

Nice lighting, but about the tank’s flash. It looks strange in a picture when parts of a flash or flame are darker than what is around it. If that big orange bit in the middle were gone it would look a lot better.


Added some awesome thread music. Listen!

Metal Gear music fits pretty much anything with action.

More epicness.

and you bitch at other people for having generic pics

most generics aren’t as beautifully edited though :confused:

Missing some AA.

I don’t think the USMC uses Merkava tanks, but nice pic.

this, otherwise nice pic

Was thinking this, but damn this is sexy.

It’s not a Merkava. It’s some random near-future sci-fi tank from Crysis.

MARSOCs walking around < Tank, scene-build, nice editing.

Thanks for the comments guys. Keep 'em coming (and get the fuck out of my shitty Breen thread)!

pretty sexy Chesty, I would try to work out them jaggies though… but im still stunned by the lighting.


Thanks for the comment, mate… but which jagged edges are we talking about? I can’t see them.

I jizz in my pants yet again chesty! I want a blowjob for ya!