A variable for an individual entity of the same type?

I know this is a seriously nooby question but… I want a variable which isnt for every entity of its own type.
For example, I have this variable called tooMuch = 1 which is declared outside the methods at the top of the init.lua file. I need to change tooMuch = 0 whenever ENT:Use is called so I do this:

self.tooMuch = 0

But I have one problem… How would I go about doing this so I could have multiple of the same entity but with different tooMuch values? For example, I spawn two of these entities and only press E on one of them. How can I make it so that the variable doesnt change on all the same entities?

the way you’re doing it WILL work that way.

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you’d just do ENT.tooMuch = 1 then in the ENT:Use you’d do self.tooMuch = 0.

but you are donig that way already.

Aha! Thank you! Working swell now. :slight_smile: