A very Afghan Christmas

A few Christmas screenshots that reminded me of Afghanistan after I completed them.

I clicked on this thread expecting true art, nothing less. I am not disappointed.

Thanks its funnier if you served in the military cause then you know the stupid things like building snowmen and being stupid in general on your free time is true.

Fun fact.

Generic Soldier Boys =/= Art.

Something about this looks bland, good concept though.

Well, the idea is original, I’ll give you that.

Fun fact, learn sarcasm.

In all seriousness, you need to work on your posing, as well as the angles in which you’re taking screenshots. Make sure you use the zoom function of the camera tool, and keep practicing.

In what way is this in any manner reminiscient of Afghanistan? Because there’s a generic Arab soldier and US soldiers in them? Because there’s snow? Whoop-de-doo, it snows in a lot of places and those buildings look more like they belong in Europe or North America than Afghanistan. A giant fuckoff Christmas tree in the town square of a predominantly Muslim country? Yeah, sure thing.

As if that’s not enough, posing, composition, angle, everything is all terrible. Work on it.