A Very Diffrent Kind Of Garry's Mod Video

-There’s only one thing that peeves me off more than videos on construct, and that is videos on flatgrass.
-Poor camera angle.
-You actually didn’t even bother cutting out the console and “Game Saved” message.
-All i see you doing is: 1. running over daleks; 2. Throwing some trophy around; 3. Driving off in a car.
-Your title: “daleks get pwn’d in gmod xD” are you 13 or something?
-Plot is… well… I don’t even think there is one.
-Well at least it didn’t lag.

its too deep you ahve to watch it at least 12 tiems before you understand it


i just wanted people to see my video and now im getting called a troll :frown:

sorry but get out. i wouldn’t watch that 12 times to understand nothing.

“cl_drawhud 0” should help out with the hud, the rest you have too do on your own, effort makes one hell of a difference