A very generic CT shooting a generic terrorist on a generic map.

Generics are fun.


original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/de_cbble00001.jpg
Please C&C after you compared original to the edited version.

** Too generic **

It’s cool!

Misleading title you son of a bitch.

Wow thats a very original idea. :smug:

lol’d at title


Well **FUCK **ME.

That is some SWEET atmosphere.

Its kinda like theyre in hell.

Awesome editing skills

Also, the blood is coming from west.

Blood is quite good, but the lighting from the flash is my favourite part.

Thank you all for the feedback :smiley:

I like that smoke around them, it has a nice depth (unlike most of the ones I have seen lately).
And all the picture is nice too :smiley: Blood could be a little darker maybe.

But overall, nice genericness :slight_smile:

Blood has no depth, looks awful.

It might not look great, but it clearly does have depth as demonstrated by the different shades and tones in the blood. If anything, depth is the bit he did best - it’s the motion-blur and shape of the blood that isn’t so good.

You should look more carefully at the image before giving your criticism.

That’s not a very generic looking CT you got there.

Nice. The Generic-ness is generic.

Yeah I love that CT model, the reflections on his helm is so awesome O.o

Damn how the hell do i keep missing all your threads, Fucking awesome work.

Not generic enough man CT needs to be hugging a wall

Oooooo Pretty.
Arty’d Because it’s sexy :smiley: