A Very Happy Oktoberfest

A Few Important Notes that must be laid down

  • The Chink in the middle has glasses (me)
  • In my Opinion, Zoey would be more attracted to Louis
  • No Nazis
  • No Anime Chicks
  • Francis and Bill already lost it
  • Low-res Beer Bottles beat cheap party cups
  • “Why isn’t * my * country flag up there?”
  • Some people are not holding bottles

Nice picture you got up there. I might try to do one on my own.

very nice, looks like a smashing good party!

I think I might do one also

Nice work, it looks like it took forever to pose all those people and faces. But the medic needs to be in the front IMO. Where would Oktoberfest be without him??

Very nice. Lots of characters… Love the flags in the background and Zoey, Louis, Barney, Demoman and Sniper just made my day. Awesome posing…


No one bothered with this Event.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good shit man

I love it,saved it and edited it but im afraid of posting it because I may ruin it :frowning:

love the vort fingers^^
Anyway, that’s perfect but perhaps needs a little bit more of dods people^^

Nice picture, but avoid using the term Chink next time.

This is awesome

i wish i’d be able to visit germany just for this…
well this and the heavy metal festival at Wacken

Wait until Thanksgiving comes near.

Did somebody say OKTOBERFEST?


I can relate to this pretty well. I live in Wisconsin. Oktoberfest ahoy!

Never mind, just found Francis. lol

Awesome picture. I was thinking about doing something like this. But not exactly like everybody looking to the camera. Like something natural.


Barney better have been the one to buy all those beers.

Anyhow, nice picture, gives the classic zaniness of GMod and shows it in a non-mingebag way.

Sorry, I’m listening to some ‘touching’ music right now.

:bravo: :iia: