A Very Happy Red Team

Tribute to the TF2 Devteam, and Mr. Garry

oh yah major credit to the PVKii team for the props

You are really good at posing, but a lot of the props are low-resolution and it kills the picture.
Also all the food & stuff looks too close to each other, maybe with a bigger table it would look better.
Thats just my personal opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

The posing is really good and the idea is cool.

Hearted :slight_smile: it looks very pleasing to the mind

Excellent posing! Superb attention to detail. Only problem is the graphics. You should turn them up before taking the picture, since framerate doesn’t matter.


Sniper doesn’t have a chair though :ohdear:

the problem was I did -___- this 9800 GT fails to impress

edit: i didn’t leave the sniper out, i did extend the table to include the bread basket, but i just cut it out of the view

Fucking Awesome man.

Pryo broke his neck

Red team has dog!?

didn’t you see the update?

I have a geforce 7300 GT so it isn’t your graphics card.