A very original idea where a combine looks off screen while the background is blurred to abysma proportions!l

Now I’m aware how original and dark it is, and I apologize to people with square dell monitors because when I moved it over to my second monitor it was darker than hell.

Kinda just testing some things out

The lighting on the eyes is very opaque, I reccomend(If using GIMP.) first starting with a layer of fuzzy opaque white, then slowly using heavily transparent color over it layer by layer until it looks good.

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If you give me the original i’d love to edit it for you. I’m in that kind of mood.

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My edit:

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quadruple automerge for a second edit and IMO my best edit ever(though i’m not saying it’s better than yours. just that it’s the best looking edit i’ve done.)

Derpy combine soldier derps.

Hey, this reminds me of one of my older poses! :h:

I won’t bother fetching it, don’t want to be “that guy”.

Reminds me of the good old '07.

Well I suppose the title fits the definition of ‘descriptive’.