A very silly (or stupid) idea



so i just finished watching Inception and was bored…

What’s the appeal in this, I understand trippiness and surrealism, but doesn’t appeal to me.

Dunno, Just thought i would share it

Actually this could be kinda cool if there was whole map like it. Someone should make the bit from Inception where Paris just bends over itself.


The idea is interesting but I’m not sure how you can execute it properly.

Sure everything will look trippy but you won’t have much space to move around in.

Unless there’s some type of way to flip the map gravity (something along the lines of what Prey did. Making 4 separate sections and tying them with teleports also works) then it won’t reach its potential as a map.


is there anyway to make an NPC turn sideways? so i could have a citizen walking about sideways?

Please don’t tell me your gonna start making threads again. That was terrible.

Nope. You would be better off with a normal tilted map, with the players roll rotated, and then use player clip brushes to keep him off the ground.


a lovely welcome back from the mapping section

Ignore him, hes just trolling.

This made me lol.

An Inception based map would be so cool.

How would a person go about doing something like that? That shit was trippy.

func_door_rotating, and one is a point_viewcontrol parented to a func_rotating which when its done teleports you to an upside down world.

The best thing I have seen in this sort of style, was the Escher based map by Cloud, he pushed what was possible in source to the extreme and made a map which was mind fucking. Not sure if the video is on youtube but it was awesome.

Was it http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=87250 this?

Nah, no offence but it was so much better. Pushing the boundaries of source, corridors getting longer, blood footprints walking up a wall etc Like something from FEAR.

Oh boy, my little beginner mind is getting confused… :ohdear:

Can someone upload a VMF so I can understand this better and try to recreate it? :3:

I’ve made them work upside-down, sideways should work just fine.