A very, very big explosion and a helicopter

Happy Not 4th Of July, Americans!

A combination of the 4th, constant playing of Mercenaries 2, and watching Transformers 2, were the inspiration of this pic. I mostly wanted to make something big go boom :fuckyou:

(FYI, the explosion was cause by one of the large oil tanks exploding from a tank shell, in case it is hard to tell -.-)


(FYI, my player is hidden in this pic, try and find me!)

EDIT- (Crap I just realized I forgot to add motion blur to some of the shrapnel chunks :saddowns:)

BTW, scene build.

Good job, this picture looks amazing. The only thing that looked wrong, is that I’d think the jet would have some sort of trail.

I think I give up on that Military Madness Thing, also, are you the one driving the chopper?

I envy your skills, Vman.
By the way, how did you make the explosion?

It is a harrier, it is hovering (I was going to have it firing down on the troops but I couldn’t get it to look right)

Aww, I was hoping not to discourage people :saddowns:

And no, Im not driving the chopper.

Mad skills.

Your sitting on the truck?


Only weird thing is, that the trains haven’t even moved one bit.

Gas and oil explosion are different than high explosives. Gas explosions create a lot more fire and are usually a lot bigger, but they lack the shockwave of high explosives. That’s why they always use gas and pyrotechnics in movies so the explosions won’t hurt the actors.

I see.

I spy a Vman in the bottom right corner behind the Fence! =D
under the helicopter

Um, don’t think so…

Moar comments bout the pic pls?

Explosion looks epic.

Love the explosion.

Pilot- “Are you fucking crazy?! You have the shots you want, we need to get out of here!”

Thanks =D

The title also reminded me of Die Hard when John blows out the third floor and Dick went;
“… my God … TELL ME YOU GOT THAT!!”

:lol: I had to

Next we need a pic of the photographer getting impaled by debris.


“Huh, whats that?”