A video featuring Christian Brutal Sniper

Shall i continue my Gmod videos? :confused:


HWM, meme’s, and stop motion.

Quality stuff right here.

You should mostly stop making these and make something original. It makes you look 12, using poor stop motion and using tons of fads at the same time thinking it makes you instant-cool.

This video doesn’t even feature Christian Brutal Sniper.

Step one: Change this.

I agree about the fact that HwM and memes aren’t so original, but what the heck is up about dissing stop motion? hen did it ever become “unoriginal” ? A quality stop motion is much better than a terrible video

First off, you have to have original ideas as mention above. Sure a lot of things are 100 percent original, but at least you can try to have a story line.

The stop motion needs work, try using a lot more frames. With my first gmod, before I stupidly deleted them all, I was using at least 250-300 screenshots. Just for 40 seconds.

While I commend you for decent sound editing, try adding some ambiant noise. I always do that with my films and It makes a huge difference.

Just learn from your mistakes, and keep trying, if you’re serious about this…which I doubt.

I think I came here just to see if the OP would be flamed, not for the video, cause I know it would suck anyways.

The keyword being quality.