A Video I Made Quickly


Title in defense of the video.

Looks like some one can’t read descriptions very well huh?


Also I never took the time to edit the title any ways but it shows how lazy you are to not even read a description to not know shit about anything so please take my advice and Think Before You Speak.

My question to you is this: if you think it sucks so bad why did you post it? you spent the whole script trying to justify why it “sucks” Look, you missed my point anyway, just forget it. and no, i did not like the effortless video that you made. and to keep my comments somewhat positive, i did like your horror film viideo, i made sure to say so in the comments.

I’m getting tired of these “lololol random so funny xD” videos. I agree with Kurit that if it sucks then why post it. Put effort into it and write scripts.

For once i agree with kurit, no effort, no post.

I have to go with kurit on this one.

I second this post. Also congratulations Scout for getting another one of your videos on garrysmod.com