A Visit To Facepunch

Part One


Part Two


I would like to apologize for any peronal skin I have offended:smile:


Have the character visit oify ** now. **

This is how I felt when I started posting here again.

Well, that sure was interesting.

Have a character go to the Personal Skins Thread.


I though about joking with the personal skin thread, but I don’t know the thread that well, and that is the point. To know the stuff you are making fun of.

All you have to do is show some guys with random clothes on hanging out in random situations. Then Barney walks up and is like “Hey guys, I’m not Barney, I’m actually [Forum Member]!” Then they all ride in a tank.[/truestory]

Yeah, the perskins thread pretty much goes like this.

random poses

random poses

random poses

random poses

three pages of nothing but text and drama

someone quiting

said person still posting content

random poses

random poses

random poses


I think a funnier visit would be to the comics section, where the visitor is listening to someone tell a dramatic story… then out of nowhere he asks the children surrounding him what they think happens next in the story. The potential for comedic suggestions is endless here. Naturally, when it is the visitor’s turn, she suggests something totally rational and realistic and is then quickly shunned.

Well, I know what idea I’m stealing.

Oh yeah make fun of interactive comics cause the majority of them suck ass and I hate them and they all deserve to burn. Try making a real comic for once.

Actually the only ones we should keep are Goldengnome’s and bubbagamer’s. That’s it.

Go for it, I’ve already said all I want to say about interactive comics by making my own haha!

MMM’s is the best one I’ve seen.

I do like to believe I’m one of those people who say “cry some more”. :v:

That one isn’t too bad either, since it is MMM.

Yours is good too…only because it is a huge nostalgia fest dealing with Jeff.

I really tried to get in to the best interactive comics, but it is just not my thing.

Same. I’m working on an actual comic which I’m sure will be refreshing for some people. It’s just been troubling for me to get comic-layouts right.

This is the first time that the model of my old skin with a turtle’s head has creeped me out… :geno: