A Volus cavalry unit in the snow.

Giving Mr. Offscreen a hard time as usual. Also, i can’t edit snow for shit.


In retrospect i should’ve given him a sword, too.

Version without the snow:

C&C please.

Er… That thing is smoking a cigarette…

Had to come about sooner or later. It did not disappoint either.

hahahajaja that mounted machinegun

Elcors… oh they’re so awesome

That’s the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day.

Floater you deserve a model of some sort. I would’ve rated you one if I hadn’t already rated arty.

This is great.

Totally awesome, i’d pay big to have one of those guys as backup on the battlefield.

Impressed: That screenshot you made is so cool. I like the little details like the mounted machine gun and the cigarette that the Elcor is smoking. Good job.


You should make a screenshot with several of them charging towards the enemy.

Haha this is brilliant, great work!

Very nice dude. Really cool idea. And it totally reminded me of this.


You’re the second person to say that. I was thinking of that to myself whilst i was posing it.

Thanks for all the comments, everyone.

Fucking awesome!

As soon as I saw the words ‘Volus Calvary’ I knew this was destined to be greatness.

I saw it earlier when I wasn’t logged in, so I saw it again but read it as

Great picture though.