A Vortigaunt Harvesting A Headcrab's Nutritional Value

I’ve had this angle/pose in my folder since the The Epiphany of Celesticu Fortifar picture. Out of boredom and practice I edited it. Nothing special. I am also practicing with tattoos again on other pictures.


The Krovex + Vortigaunt Warriors:

Doran Kru’fex and Ra’ven Ku: Pit Scroungers

Mercati Fu’lant and the Black Moons Society:

Urulozan’s Discovery:

The Epiphany of Celesticu Fortifar and the Discovery of The Vortessence:

Vortigaunt Myrmidont Taming:

Kunetuk Mu’hei:

Colonel Mejshrafir Shi’lutoi:


Oh you and your one word/short replies.

Om nom food is ready!

ew he is digging in its vagina

makes vortigaunts look more like survival experts now…

soon to be released, a vortigaunts guide to “roasting fresh headcrab and other meals with headcrab”

Well, it’s still nice.

“Now see this here, Nurath? This is the one part of the headcrab we never eat.”

Great posing, you’re still one of the best, man.

nurath…nice vort name

hmm…you should make more with more G’s as the first letter


“gallum, galla gilla ma” is the reason i say this

“The reason is because there’s a big hole there.”


Holy shit! go outside.

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But it likes nice anyways.


I actually don’t have many, if at all, vort names starting with ‘G’

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I try to make Vortigaunts more like realistic beings consisiting of tribunals, habitual traits, personalities, and political devisions.

Thanks everyone.

I really like all of your vortigaunt pictures. I always look forward to them. Very creative.

Thank you.

And that reminds me…

Adding the vort story links to the OP.

Pweety nice. Just out of curiosity, how many vort pics have you done so far?


Fourteen and a couple more. I have about fifteen to twenty-five more planned. All apart of a story that will end at the beginning of Half-Life, from the Vortigaunt’s perspective.

Stayed tuned for the introduction of Elios Feliqoi.

I just hope in future Half-Life games VALVe doesn’t do anything to contradict these stories. :saddowns: