A vortigaunt slave cleaning in an old hospital


Notes not needed.


C&C anyone?

Notes are never needed i don’t get why you need notes.

Anyway lovely image you got thar.

And again love your avatar.

sweet pic man, but he doesnt really look like he is holding that broom. but anyway have a artistic.

Vorts cant be fingerposed :X

Nice pic Joazz! I like the atmosphere.

Thanks, I drew the avatar myself.

DTMech once tried making vorts fingerposeable, and it worked, but their eyelid flexes broke.

That’s Joazzz with three Z’s for you, sir! But thank you :haw:

I would like to see the vortigaunts using their third arm once in awhile, maybe holding a cellphone while sweeping perhaps?

Not a bad idea. Someone should make it poseable.

Poor thing looks sad.

Would you be happy if you were a slave?

I’d be fucking ecstatic.

Very emotional, have an artistic. Shame the vortigaunt couldn’t be finger-posed.

I very like it indeed gives me sad look imagine if your life was just sweeping? :frowning:

Really nice, but you may as well crop out the wasted space at the bottom.

cought two weeks ago cought

And I will repeat my statement, the picture is cool Joazzz

FFFFFFF- Darkydude!

“Hey boy! You bettah get back to workin now. And do it with a smile ya here?”
Love it, lotta pics have had a hallelujah lighting effect in them lately, I like it.