a vortigaunt standing in front of a light

found it in my garrysmod screenshots folder and edited it in 10 minutes.


Yes, it is generic.

Lighting is good, why is it rose tinted though

Also NPC.

He’s standing under the light

Oh look, he is rating you guys dumb for not worshiping his 5-second screenshot edit. :downs:

you know this is the npc vort from Half_Life 2 right?
he didn’t pose it…


Pretty nice lighting I guess. I would like to see you put this skill to some better use though.

just to make it clear for you mr. smartass, you maybe haven’t seen that I haven’t been online for the past 70 minutes. And just for the record, I don’t think I’ve rated a single post here since a couple of months back. And to prove that I haven’t rated anyone dumb, I will now rate everyone in this thread bad reading.