A walk through the Zone.

terrible editing etc


nice atmosphere you got there

wide camera angle works well to

The posing on the guy looks a little stiff but the prop placement on the picture is awesome.
It creates a really nice atmosphere.

But may I ask, whats the kinda spiky shadow on the BG?

It’s a bit difficult to pose the STALKER models to be visually pleasing, seeing as there are some blatant anatomy flaws - IE, shoulders are too broad and “square”, waist is too thin, etc, which unfortunately can’t really be helped. I spent quite some time fiddling with the pose to try and make it more pleasing to the eyes, but it’s harder than it seems.

In any case, the “spiky shadow” is just severely deformed ground caused by an anomaly. Ergo:

Well done, it’d my background now.

Mind if I use it as the logo for the STALKER Series megathread?

Go for it. :buddy:

Done :buddy:

Pretty good. I like it.

Excellent Picture! Really captures the Stalker feel.