A wasterlander and a stranger

I guess this was vaguely inspired by Fallout. So here you go.
I think this looks alright. Maybe a bit dark. I ended up having to build this scene twice since Gmod stopped saving for a bit there.

Looks more like a new business man got lost in the wrong part of town.

Anyways, remove the detail props, the grass is not as good, spawn the ones from foliage packs that are used in scenebuilds

Those are the ones from the foliage pack. Perhaps I should just move them away or something.

“You! Stop!”
“Oh, hello. I was wondering where the Empire State building was. Would you know?”

Mister Burke, (guy in the hat) infamous for blowing things up. This guy is kind of like Gman, they both are mysterious, and offer the player a job. If only it was that simple in reality.