A way to heal ur legs

Hi i was wondering if u can add like a morphine injector or a splint to the game some way to fix Ur legs without having to wait that annoying minute or two before they fix themselves.

-Thanks Josh

Can just log off and log back in, voila! Legs are working again!

Thinks morphine actually fixes a broken leg.
Wants to ruin this game with MORPHINE DICK

Maybe you could post this in the suggestions subforum.

Well, it’s a point but…when have you last heard of a broken leg healing in minutes or hours? How about 6 friggen weeks + rehabilitation?

Just saying. It’s a game.

dang I thought i was the only one that knew about this, either way I sent an email to Garry a while back about this.

If you think realism, you break your leg, you put morphine in your body, how does that really fix the leg? haha. The only thing that would happen is that you damage it even more but you feel no pain while being high as fuck having the time of your life.

^ This!

It’d be nice if you could craft a splint to quickly alleviate the slowing effects of “breaking” one’s leg. Combine wood with cloth or something, I dunno.