A way to make Doom 3-styled screens in Source?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to make the same sort of interactive computer screens that were in Doom 3 on the Source engine. I know you can make something similar with vgui_screen, but it’s broken in almost every Source game unless you delve into the code to fix it, which I’m not going to do. Does it work in any of the newer engines, or is it still broken because Valve never uses it?

Wiremod had screens that could track the player’s aim and provided text menus.

This isn’t for Garry’s Mod though, it’s for something else entirely.

Possibly something using animated textures if you didn’t mind it not being on the HUD.

animated textures tend to have a very low number of frames IIRC.

I remember a Source mod that did this, but I just cannot think of the name.

Not sure if this will work but there is a fix for the vgui_screen on this page it’s a copy n’ paste type code thing but I’m not sure if it works.


EDIT: And that source mod name was ‘Perfect Dark: Source’. Dystopia did it too.

Yes that works for standard source.

SiN Episodes had a fully moddable VGUI Code system, sadly you can’t use it.

Well, that fix is involving the source code and I’m not delving into the Source code to fix it.

But I mean, which engines does it work on? Does it work in at least the Episode 1 version of the engine?

Maybe a screen overlay and a game_ui?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to make the game_ui not stop the player from moving (I’ve never properly used it) and a basic overlay could just show what various keys do.

None as far as I know. Dystopia is on the EP1 Engine and had to fix it, same with PDS.

So interactive button-based VGUI screens don’t work on any version of the engine without source code tweaks? That sucks.