a way to make player models

an info text- titled players, where you can edit things such as

model (obviously)

animations (edit: forget about this, its impossible aparently)

blood types (what gets sprayed on the ground when you shoot your best friends, as suggested in this thread,not yet made)
http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=901992 (its my own, but seriously we need to bleed different)

body groups
usefull for creations such as this, i am guessing that the creators will port more predators so that more masks will be body group accessible

(since some models have multiple textures is it possible to change all the textures?)

faction (for use with the player faction addon, it basicly makes it so that if you are using a combine player model combine wont attack you, however rebels will)(but i am unsure if this is can be decided or if it is entirely up to the model)

Not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all.
But then again its almost impossible to do if they dont have bones.

The models would all have to be rigged to the default HL2 skeleton, which I guess would probably break most custom models. (I mean, look at the L4D playermodels… :barf:)

ahh but if they have different bones they could come with there own animations

Models, animations, bodygroups etc are all packed into a model. You can’t modify it using lua, and you can’t create new ones using lua.

Sorry to be a disappointment.

there is a stool that can change bodygroups, so it is possible to change them for playermodels

if they dont have bones they wont animate, not realy a big deal

animations, of course if the model already had animations then they would override the set one, but if it doesnt then the set ones will be usefull

this also wouldent replace the old lua used to make playermodels (so customs will still work)

Models don’t work that way.

i think player animations are a seperate model and both are used for players-i think

if there is no skeleton then it obviously wont work, you cant say no to giving the world the cure to cancer just because we dont have the cure for aids

They are separate models, but the animations are set when the model is compiled, you can’t change them after compile.

Well, of course it won’t work, it’ll just crash if it doesn’t have the correct bones…
Actually, if the model has no bones, it won’t compile at all.


Shotgunguy got it. There’s no possible way, ever, to create custom animations through Lua. Of course, you can hack it, as seen in JetBoom’s API - but that’s no substitute.