A way to scale props?


I’ve been mapping for some time now, but I’m still wondering: Is there any way to scale props in hammer? They just need to appear bigger, they won’t have to collide or have physical properties in any way.

I tried searching, but nothing came up…

Thank you! =)

you can decompile them and change the qc scale value, but no you can’t change them in hammer.

too bad… well, thanks for the info anyway! :slight_smile:

Can you not use this? Not solid, but you said you didn’t need physics.

I stumbled upon that just moments ago. This seems to be viable.
Do you know of any way to target an input just once, when the level loads, and then leave it alone?

Place a logic_auto anywhere in the map and make the inputs from that. OnMapSpawn>[value] etc.

yay thank you :smiley: