A way to stop the the killing of nakeds

I was thinking of a few basic ways to minimize the killing of nakeds. This system be based around two things: PVP flags and player values. The PVP flag simply determines whether or not you can be attacked, and your player value is based on the items you have in your inventory, if you have a sleeping bag, and how many doors you have placed. Your player value is private so it can’t be used to judge you.

  1. The first time you join a server, you spawn with PVP flag off.
  2. Once you reach a player value of 100 your PVP flag turns on.
    3)You may turn on your PVP flag anytime, even when below a player value of 100.
    4)Attacking another player turns on your PVP flag for 30 minutes, you must be awake during this hour.
    5)Some parts of the map would be PVP zones where you are locked with your PVP flag on.

This is my proposal to help stop the killing of nakeds and bring more stability to the game.

To me spawning is the thing to focus on to give first spawn a chance and if they die or raided let them build up and help the kos of the naked

I don’t mind making first spawn/respawn take no damage as long as it for a short period of time and can’t use it in a way to give them power to do damage