A way to turn off lua errors?

Is three a way to turn off lua errors from showing up in the yellow text on your screen? I’m sick of them, and the errors I’m getting aren’t really that major.

I do not think that there is, The reason they pop-up is that it acts like a large debugger. (I’d try to fix the errors… not ignore them)

I wish there was, because sometimes there is a pointless error reading something about max particles reached, often the fault of having many thrusters; surely it’s the user’s responsibility, but that’s no reason to be unable to disable them.

Or a annoying one that doesn’t need fixing, fingerbones or one that you can’t fix like overflowed renderables


I heard you just go to options and click Disable Lua Errors, but I’m not sure since I can’t play GMod just yet.
fuck ninaje’d

Doesn’t Work

actualy in the phrase lua_showerrors 1 change it to 0

Dont hide them, get them fixed. they always mean something and break something

Hiding them for machinima reasons?

Still won’t work… I put in the dll and it won’t work.

Then you did it wrong.

how do I install it?

Wire has always gave me errors about one thing or another. Even using the Q menu gives me a blue one. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve removed all coding from wire and just left the models so I don’t get errors, both models and coding.

Its becuse you have a shitton of broken addons or outdated addons, fix them or install stuff

You’ve used outdated wire.