A Wehrmacht soldier poses

I don’t know I thought the outcome of the image was pretty cool.


Original (Just to give perspective on the location):

He looks half zombie…

Is his thumb clipping? It kinda looks like its going through the magazine.(Left thumb)
Great editing anyways.


WTF is with the back of his neck? Overdone Burn? It looks like a Lava-lamp is implanted in his neck.

Wow, that is really awesome.

Wow, that is really awesome.

What the heck is goin on outside? And there’s something odd about the back of his neck. Is it just me or is there a weird fish-eye thing going on with the widow (or what I assume is a window) behind him?

I think it’s hair… But the burn goes a bit weird by the edge of the hair and such.

But overall Jim, you have made a good Job.

Nice COD5 models.

Where did you get that model? It’s damn nice. And btw, I am almost sure this is a soldier from Cod - WaW’s Wehrmacht?

You`re not verry smart are you, bloocobalt is porting cod WAW models hes not finished yet. LOOK IN THE MODEL SECTION PEOPLE! And he gives his models to some people to test it


And ho the hell rated me dumb! im only saying the truth :slight_smile:

Yes I am very smart because I read the whole thread a few days ago, but that doesnt stop me asking where he got that model from. So actually he maybe started porting some things himself :v:.

And if you don’t believe me, look at my first thread on this forum, showing that I were unaware then, but after some posted I were. So you can tell me who is not very smart.

It’s called a stain glass window. It’s in the church in Avalanche. Not sure what your fish-eye thing you’re talking about is considering it’s not there, must be just you or I just don’t see it :S

i think they are referring to jpeg artifacts

Ffffffffffff, I want the WaW models. Bloo :frowning:

wait til they’re finished then, we’re only beta testing

Fucking amazing lighting.


I didn’t realise the window was circular and that it was stained glass. I guess this is because the camera angle is so very, very close.

very good editing.

:eek: my god! it’s beautiful!