a weird SFM weight thing?

honestly this makes me… purely rage filled in my veins as of this constant issue… this is why I’ve been trying to get dragon’s dogma models from the game files because of…


this shit… why does this happen… how do I fix it… and if it can be fixed can I not burn/smash my face with a heated hammer?

now the weights of his neck a smooth when you bend it around… in BLENDER!!! but in SFM it… it… I don’t even know what to say about it, and I happens also with his wings, the base of his neck, shoulders, the wing flaps on the sides of his body… help please

updated the image a bit

Could be related to the fact that in Source, only 3 bones can have influence on a vert.

If you have more than 3 bones influencing a given vert, then all of the weights after the third bone will just be assigned to the third bone.

well… that makes sense… thank you ill go fix this